6 Travel Trends to Look Out For in 2023

6 Travel Trends to Look Out For in 2023

2022 saw travel resume for most of the world with solo travelers, families and couples alike jetting off for vacations, adventures, and cultural experiences. Air traffic hit around 70% of pre pandemic levels globally with 2022 being the come back year for travel. Despite inflation being on everyone’s minds, it won’t be enough to deter people from skipping their travel plans according to the US travel foundation who forecast an increase in travel spending in the coming year.

So, what will 2023 have in store for us travel lovers? Brace yourselves for the six travel trends to look out for this coming year. 

1. The US Dollar Puts New Destinations on the Map 

Since December 2022, the US dollar and euro are almost 1-1, with currency exchange rates to other popular destinations now looking favorable. With the US dollar stronger than ever, international travel is looking increasingly appealing to the US citizen, meaning new destinations across the globe are becoming much more feasible. 2023 may be the year to claim the international jetsetter status! 

2. Staying Remote with Off Grid Trips

After a chaotic few years including natural disasters, political unrest and the COVID-19 pandemic, people are now opting for ‘off-grid’ style vacations as a way to escape such harsh realities. Think cabins in the woods, campfire cuisine and relying on a compass for navigation, no mobile phones or GPS! According to booking.com, 57% of people opt for such vacations to escape from reality and 33% feel like they get to switch off and experience life with only the bare necessities. 

3. Nostalgic Getaways are the Future

2023 will see people look for travel experiences that trigger nostalgia, taking them back to simpler times through special getaways. Booking.com findings show that 84% of people want the thrill of reliving the glory days at top of their 2023 wish list. Diving into the romanticism of the pre-digital era will include visiting landmarks or attractions featured in iconic retro films or choosing a more traditional mode of transport to evoke emotive memories. 

4. Luxury Travel is Here to Stay

Those skipping travel in the height of the pandemic are now left with a higher travel budget as the world reopened, meaning 5-star hotels, travel upgrades for flights and experiences are all on the table in 2023. Data from Booking.com found that 49% of its respondents were more likely to spend more on their next trip to make up for lost time. 

5. Pushing Travel Out of Our Comfort Zone

2023 will see travelers seeking unique vacations that surprise, delight and utterly shock them, with 40% of travelers wanting to experience a complete culture shock this next year according to Booking.com. Whether it be somewhere with a completely different language or just exploring lesser-known cities that aren’t on the radar, this next year will be full of new travel experiences for all. 

6. Take a Break with Mindfulness Vacations  

Wellness vacations that take mind, body and soul to the next level are set to take off in 2023, with more people seeking such getaways to find peace. Booking.com states 33% of travelers are keen to go on trips that focus on their mental health or transformative health, as they do say, travel makes the heart stronger! 

It’s fair to say that travel in 2023 looks like it will be nothing short of ordinary to say the least and extremely varied from nostalgic trips to remote getaways and 5-star hotels! Do any of these 6 trends seem like they’ll influence your 2023 travel experiences? 

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