How Technology is Revolutionizing Travel

How Technology is Revolutionizing Travel

Technology is changing the way we travel, why we travel and the quality of travel. The travel industry has taken technology under its belt and has become much smarter with data, using customization and personalization to its advantage. Millennials have contributed to this paradigm shift through their love for travel and technology, meaning apps, social media and blogs now play a larger role when taking a trip. Whether it be a business trip or simply for pleasure, technology has shaped consumers higher demands, changing our travel patterns.

The impact of COVID wasn’t a great time for travel, but it did, however, speed up the advancements of technology in tourism. Many technology innovations have gone from futuristic to familiar; vaccine passports, QR codes at restaurants, VR and AR and crowd control robots to name a few, have all come into stead with the aim of making travel more efficient. Although, the change in travel isn’t just down to COVID, an increased focus on customer satisfaction alongside technological advancements has meant that planning and booking travel has become more adaptable and personalized. Big data is used by travel companies, whether online or via apps, allowing them to track demographics and information to ensure the best possible conversion rates. Such companies are creating holiday planner apps and services to reflect a traveler’s precise needs and presenting them with bespoke personal suggestions and recommendations. According to a Google Travel study, 74% of all travelers plan their trips on the internet, while only 13% still use in-person travel agencies. Consumers have become too confident making purchases online; we are more than happy to book a trip via the help of an app within 5 minutes. It’s gotten to a point where travel apps such as Ryanair, offering plane tickets to Europe for £15 will persuade us to plan a holiday, based on that offer alone. From booking to printing documents, everything can be done online, making travel much more environmentally friendly and less time-consuming. E-Tickets and mobile check-ins mean less queuing and fewer documents to look after, aiding travel to become a seamless experience.

But how does technology actually impact your journey while you’re away? Smartphones have become our go-to travel devices that enrich our experience, they are our tour guide, restaurant locater, transport booker, payment method, translator and more. Electronic payments such as Apple Pay and Google Pay for example have made travel easier and more secure, there is no longer a security risk with carrying large amounts of cash abroad with us, payments can be made with less interference, and we only need our phone. Technology advancements have also allowed us to surpass language barriers a lot easier, interacting with locals can be quick and simple through online translators, rather than flipping through a dictionary for 5 mins trying to form a sentence. Are you a big reader? No problem, have 5 different books ready for your holiday all downloaded onto one device without taking up valuable suitcase room. Having a device that can store music, books, tv, work documents all in one place has provided us with much more convenience and changed our packing routines, we can travel lighter and still have more than we need. Technology advancements in travel have allowed us to overcome obstacles and made our experience more convenient and efficient.

Although we highlight the greatness of technology in travel, it’s important that you find the balance of using it to enhance your trip but not letting it take over your journey. We travel because we want to explore and get away from our mundane routines, but if we are constantly using our phones then we are not escaping this reality. Using our phones and devices when on holiday is ideal to help us achieve a seamless and practical journey, however, knowing when to put your device away and take in your surroundings is equally as important and will increase the enjoyment of your trip.

Overall, it’s clear to see how far technology and travel have come, allowing us consumers to have the best holiday experiences, from booking to throughout our journey. It’s apparent that using your phone abroad is a vital part of having a seamless trip and gaining access to the best traveling benefits. Don’t risk your security by connecting to free WiFi, and don’t get caught out by expensive roaming charges; grab a Dataroam SIM before you travel. Dataroam will connect to European networks at fast 4G speeds for low costs – make life easier for yourself.

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