Top 5 European places to visit for a Fall Vacation this year

With summer drawing to a close and the fall season upon us, it’s surely time to book your next vacation? After all is there a better way to start the fall season than exploring the world (No, we didn’t think so either!). With so many countries, cities and sights, Europe has so much to offer, but with all this taken into consideration deciding on a fall vacation destination couldn’t be more difficult. The following guide provides an overview of the best European destinations to visit this fall.

Munich, Germany:

Set in the heart of Germany’s Bavaria region, Munich provides the perfect destination for a getaway this fall. It’s during this time of the year that Munich plays host to its annual Oktoberfest celebrations, making fall the ideal time to pay Munich a visit. During Oktoberfest, you can enjoy the combination of a beer festival and a traveling fun fair (probably a wise idea to experience them the other way round first!). After having sampled the cultural element of a proper German Volksfest, why not visit the BMW museum- where you can view exhibits of classic cars made by the German Automotive giants throughout history. Exploring all Munich has to offer by bike, is a popular tourist activity in Munich, with multiple bike rental outlets across the city, as well as a Cycle based city tour!

Transylvania, Romania:

With scorching hot summers and perishing cold winters caused by Romania’s distinctive four seasons and weather patterns, fall is the optimum time to explore Romania and particularly Transylvania. Famed not solely for the residence of Count Dracula in Bram Stokers gothic novel, Transylvania will provide you with multitudes of glorious architecture- being to over 100 castles. Home to the Piatra Craiului National Park, Transylvania also provides visitors with the opportunity to explore the regions nature- with 110 different species of bird being found here!

Rome, Italy:

Once at the heart of the Roman Empire, the Italian capital has much to offer fall time guests- with temperatures lower. When it comes to sightseeing few can compete with Rome, with the famous attractions the Colosseum and St Peters Basilica both offering English speaking tours. Italy as a country is famed for its cuisine with Rome no exception (would you really be traveling to Italy if we didn’t mention the food?), no trip to Rome would be complete without trying Supplì, a dish native to Rome consisting of a Rice ball combined with a tomato based sauce with fillings ranging from minced beef to Mozzarella! With Supplì a popular Roman dish, it can be found in most street food outlets across the city.

Reykjavík Iceland:

No Reykjavík is not only known for being the world’s northernmost capital city! (Well maybe slightly!). Reykjavík actually has plenty to offer including the Harpa Concert Hall, located near the Old Harbour. This piece of fine architecture is not just worth seeing for it’s astonishing design, inside you are also treated to a variety of choices ranging from Icelandic Orchestra’s to How to become Icelandic in 60 minutes! Alongside the cities architecture and entertainment scene, Reykjavík can also be used as a base to explore everything else Iceland has to offer. Hot springs are something of an Icelandic trademark attraction, meaning it would be rude not to tick this off during your visit! With many hot springs within easy access of Reykjavík (17 to be precise!), relaxing in a thermal pool couldn’t be easier! Furthermore, a trip to Iceland wouldn’t be complete without witnessing a rare glimpse of the northern lights during the fall season, provides the opportunity to catch a rare glimpse of the northern lights, whilst narrowly avoiding the perishing cold of the winter season.

Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Amsterdam as a fall vacation destination is sure to provide something for visitors of all tastes. For those looking for a culturally rich experience, Amsterdam is coated in history and rife with museums, notably home to the Van Gogh museum, an art museum devoted to the works of post-impressionist artist Vincent Van Gogh. Another museum you will find in Amsterdam is the Anne Frank House dedicated to a Jewish diary keeper during the Nazi occupation of Amsterdam, whose hiding place has been conserved, alongside installing a memorial feature detailing Anne Frank’s life. Alternatively for those wishing to sample the local brew, founded in 1873 in Amsterdam, Heineken offer the Heineken Experience. The Heineken Experience provides visitors with a guided brewery tour, finished off with an opportunity to sample some of Amsterdam’s finest exports. Additionally for those lucky enough to visit Amsterdam between the 18-21 October, you will be treated to the Amsterdam Music Festival, home to some of the biggest names in the electronic dance industry.

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