Why MiFi?

What’s the difference between WiFi and MiFi? Which one is most suited to your travel needs? When traveling, it’s not uncommon for your accommodation to have WiFi. Restaurants and bars around the area may also have WiFi that you’re able to tap into. However, the level of reliability and speed of WiFi is often hit and miss. Using a MiFi device gives you a portable router, able to connect up to 10 devices at a time.

WiFi is a type of technology that allows networking between devices, wirelessly. WiFi is typically found in the home, connecting multiple devices to the internet. WiFi is also widely found in public places such as internet cafes, public libraries and shopping centers, allowing users to connect to the internet whilst visiting their establishments. This is a WiFi hotspot, a term for a wireless network accessible to the public in a particular area. Hotspots are either free or come at a small fee and are handy when needing internet access away from the house.

When traveling abroad, it’s frequently expected for accommodations, such as hotels and resorts, to have WiFi. Again, this may come at a small fee. In recent years there has been an increase in the necessity for WiFi whilst traveling. Being able to email, browse and share memories whilst away is a highly sought after feature of an accommodation, so it’s hardly ideal if the connection isn’t up to scratch. WiFi hotspots in hotels can often fluctuate, resulting in poor connections, especially if there are a high number of users trying to connect simultaneously.


These issues can be eliminated through the use of a MiFi device; a portable, chargeable, mobile hotspot that is compatible with WiFi enabled devices. A MiFi taps into cellular networks to provide fast 3G/4G LTE access for up to 10 devices at a time, anywhere on the go. Use internet abroad just like you would at home. Send messages, images and emails as well as use apps such as WhatsApp and FaceTime without worrying about unstable signals. A MiFi device gives you connectivity on the go by creating your own network.

A MiFi device often has WiFi built in, resulting in a much faster, reliable and often cheaper solution to WiFi hotspots found on the go. Another benefit of using a MiFi is the security; using a closed WiFi network only available to you, stops any potential risk of other users obtaining confidential information. A MiFi is secure and safe, resulting in an easier mindset when using the internet abroad. A MiFi connects to the internet via a data SIM card, such as the European Data SIM to provide the best possible access to the internet, anywhere on the go.

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