Why winter vacations are the best kind of vacations

For the majority of you that disagree with this statement, let’s take a minute to appreciate the connotations that come with the word ‘winter’. ‘Coziness’ comes to mind. Being wrapped up in a giant woolly blanket, besides a glowing fire, with people you care about and the stress just melts away. Whether you’re winter sporting, exploring sights or just looking for somewhere with a bit of snow, winter trips can’t be faulted… Plus, they’re usually cheaper.  


There’s no denying that there is a vast array of winter sports, and if you’re going on a winter holiday, it’s probably because you want to have a go. With options including skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, sledging and more, you really are spoilt for choice. Let’s be real, winter sports are so much better than summer sports, there’s no risk of over exhaustion from sun exposure, no red raw sun burn resulting in feeling terrible for the remainder of the trip, and much more activity!

You can enjoy yourself and have fun without breaking a sweat. The snow keeps you cool and if you get too hot, you can simply take a break and let the temperature do its thing. It’s not as though you don’t have destination choice either; France, Italy, Canada, Austria, pretty much anywhere that has snowy mountains and you’re set to go.


It’s not all about the sports, there are so many activities to be experienced on a winter holiday. Firstly, if you do go somewhere with snow, there’s nothing better than being the first to walk in it. Regardless of where you are, how old you are or what footwear you have on, you will go out of your way to walk on untouched snow. This may be one of the reasons winter hikes are becoming increasingly popular, there’s no greater feeling than looking down and seeing that you’ve left your mark in the form on a footprint.

Being indoors isn’t all bad either, whilst on a winter vacation, there isn’t a constant urge to be outside soaking up the sun. Meaning there’s more time for sight-seeing and exploring. There’s also less tourists in a colder country, which means plenty of time and space to visit local landmarks, have a tour around a local museum, or, if all else fails, shopping will never go amiss.


Got your gloves? Got your scarves? Got an extra pair of socks? If you’re going on a winter vacation, you expect it to be cold so you make sure you pack extra layers. The more the merrier. If you’re on a summer vacation however and get too hot, there’s only a certain amount of clothing you can decently take off. This is especially poignant when realizing you want to explore the sights and there isn’t a pool for you to hop in. Common decency people, you need clothes on walking about. Whereas you can literally just pile on the layers if you’re cold until you feel toasty. Plus, everyone loves sweater weather right?


What’s better than a hot chocolate after a long day in the cold? The answer? Nothing. Well, maybe mulled wine but that doesn’t come with marshmallows. While you’re away, you’ll probably want to try the local food, and the cold will definitely make you hungry! Make sure you’re choosing all your favorite dishes, as well and trying out new things, accompanied by a ‘must have’ hot drink. You also don’t need to worry about maintaining your ‘summer bod’ due to the excessive layers so you can eat as much as you want!

While you’re traveling around, don’t forget your European Data SIM, so you can always share your best moments with those back home!

Happy traveling!

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