How Can I Use FaceTime Abroad?

How Can I Use FaceTime Abroad?

Use FaceTime like you would at home – for free, through a WiFi connection

FaceTime is a great way for you to stay connected with people when you’re traveling abroad. It’s simple, easy and completely free using a Wi-Fi connection.* Outlined below are effective methods to utilize your Wi-Fi usage whilst traveling.

1.) Disable Data Roaming
using a Wi-Fi reliant app, such as FaceTime to communicate, then you should disable data roaming. This is to guarantee that your phone won’t flip to using cellular data and charge you once you’re out of a Wi-Fi zone. You can turn off your cellular data in Settings > Cellular.

Cellular Data1

2.) Connect to a Wi-Fi Source

Connect to Wi-Fi via the Settings menu if you are in a hotspot. Whilst abroad, there are usually free hotspots dotted around and accommodations, typically, offer Wi-Fi for a small fee. Free hotspots however are often unreliable due to fluctuating signals, resulting in internet access being minimal.

3.) Alternatively, Use a MiFi Device

A MiFi device is a portable mobile hotspot that provides simple and easy superfast 4G LTE access for up to 10 Wi-Fi enables devices, smartphones and tablets on Europe’s most trusted networks. Use data just like you would at home; access email, browse the web, message and call via FaceTime without a fluctuating Wi-Fi signal. Coupled with a European Data SIM, MiFi devices ensure you never get caught out by expensive global data roaming charges. Share your data with 10 other devices simultaneously so you’re never out of reach.

4.) Use FaceTime as Usual

Once connected to Wi-Fi, use FaceTime like you would at home. There is no need to disable your phone number as your address because FaceTime does not travel across the cellular voice network the way a phone call does, so use both your number and email for free to make and receive calls.

If you have opted to use a different SIM, you will have to either use just your email address as a way to FaceTime or give out your temporary number as means to contact you. Primary Addresses can be changed in Settings > FaceTime.

Facetime Settings1


* FaceTime is only available to users with an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or iPod Touch.