How to use mobile data in Europe?

Stay connected in Europe

Europe consists of many countries and cities that attracts both business and leisure travelers alike. Whether you’re interested in history, romance or fashion, Europe has plenty of locations for you to travel to.

Although European roaming costs have started to decrease for Europeans, it can still be very costly to use your US phone around the continent. For calls, texts and data usage, you can still end up with a huge bill at the end of your trip.

When traveling, there is a constant requirement to use data on your smartphone and stay connected. Many travel apps require to be connected to the internet in order for use and all social networking sites require an internet connection in order to load the latest content. You can easily stay connected with family, friends or colleagues through the use of FaceTime or Skype, all made possible with the use of a European Data SIM card.

How to save on data roaming?

The choice to travelers includes; sticking with their current plan, purchasing a local SIM card or purchasing a European Data SIM card. Experienced travelers quickly discover that cheaper alternatives are available outside of their current provider and that purchasing a local SIM or European Data SIM can be a far cheaper option for both short and long term visits. Being able to use just one SIM card all across Europe is not only less hassle, but also ensures connectivity when close to borders or visiting multiple locations. Local SIMs are another cheap choice, however most require a permanent address and credit card in the chosen country.

To save money and avoid “bill-shock” while roaming it’s recommended to restrict your phones data capabilities so that only approved apps can use cellular data.

Finally, ensure that data roaming is enabled on your smartphone or you will not be able to connect and use your phone’s data capabilities.