European SIM Card for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Want to save money while traveling?

A vacation to Europe is often regarded as the trip of a lifetime, with popular destinations including the UK, France, Spain and Italy.

When touring Europe, most people wish to post photos to social media, stream music or make international calls home to friends and family. This is classed as roaming and can result in expensive charges to your bill.

Wi-Fi solutions are not always freely available and some essential apps (such as โ€˜Find my iPhoneโ€™) require data in order to work. In order to cut out unnecessary bills and keep connected there are two main options:

  1. Set up a local SIM card
  2. Purchase a European SIM card for low cost calls/texts and data across most European Countries.

Local SIM cards for individual countries offer low cost rates but can prove difficult to acquire as most applications require a local address and a domestic credit card.

An alternative solution to this is to purchase a SIM that offers cheap rates all across Europe. These are often prepaid and sites such as

How to insert an iPhone 6 European SIM card:

  1. Make sure the iPhone is turned off.
  2. Insert the SIM eject tool into the small hole on the right of the device and push firmly until the SIM tray pops out (a paper clip also works).
  3. Remove your current SIM and insert your new European SIM card.
  4. Turn on the iPhone and wait for it to connect to the new network (this should only take a moment).
  5. Once connected, your iPhone is now ready to go!