Top 10 Free Travel Apps

Planning a trip abroad?
There is a wide selection of smartphone travel apps available on the market that all claim to be useful when traveling abroad. But which one will provide the answers to your needs? See below for our favourite apps to use while traveling.

  1. TripAdvisor
    As one of the most popular sites for travel reviews, this app gives you access to over 225 million reviews and can be a great way of researching areas that you wish to travel to. Key features of the app include being able to find hotels, restaurants and attractions in any destination and view past reviews as well as being able to leave your own opinion of the places that you visit.Thanks to TripAdvisor, the quality of service in many areas across the world has increased due to customers being able to give public feedback. With over 190 million downloads worldwide, this is sure to be one of the most useful travel apps on the market.
  2. Google Translate
    A true necessity for any traveler is Google Translate, this app is astonishingly useful as it allows you to enter phrases in your own language and get an instant translation. The app offers speech features to ensure pronunciation is more accurate as well as reducing any language barrier that is involved when communicating.A new feature on the app listens to conversations in multiple languages and offers the ability to give a live translation on the screen, enabling you to communicate far easier and more effectively than ever before.
  3. WhatsApp Messenger
    With the ability to function across a wide range of mobile platforms, WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most popular apps on the market. This app allows you to communicate with friends or family worldwide for absolutely free, over an internet connection (Costs $0.99 USD after the first year).The worry of using mobile apps abroad, such as WhatsApp is a feature of the past. This is essential when travelling to areas such as Europe as it enables you to be connected while traveling. The option of a prepaid Europe SIM card allows users the chance to use their devices abroad without worrying about large data roaming charges.
  4. Find my iPhone
    This is a great app for security as it allows you to keep track of all of your IOS devices by finding their current location and allowing you to set alerts to help find them. Find my iPhone also gives you the ability to lock your phone and erase everything stored on it by simply logging into iCloud on another device. Following this, the app allows you to place a message on your phone’s screen, such as an emergency contact number to help reunite you with your phone.
  5. Google Maps
    An essential app for anyone looking to travel to a new destination, Google Maps offers its users a chance to locate their destination as well as being able to use turn by turn directions and estimate travel times using all forms of transport. The app enables the user to input their destination and can plan a public transport route from their original starting point, as well as offering a street-level view to help get you to your final destination.Linking the app to your Google account allows past searches to be saved as well as being able to quickly access frequent addresses in order to save time.
  6. XE Currency Converter
    This app allows the user to access all live currency conversion rates when connected to the internet. A further benefit of the app by XE is that it stores previous searches so that the app can still be useful when offline. When traveling it is important to understand what these rates are, so that you can take full advantage of the best deals and have more funds to spend on enjoying your trip.Once downloaded, there is a short tutorial that explains the general use of the app, as well as extra features that are available.
  7. Duolingo
    When traveling to different countries, it can be a great skill to speak in the local language. While apps such as Google Translate can offer quick solutions, Duolingo is a free language learning app that allows users to learn basic conversational skills in a wide selection of languages.Thanks to the recent update, lessons are available offline and can offer a great way to kill time when on long flights etc.
  8. Instagram
    This popular photo sharing app allows you to connect with both the general public and friends through pictures. Many travelers use this app to share photos of their experience abroad and can interact with people that share similar interests.There is also the ability to share Instagram photos via Twitter and Facebook to increase the amount of awareness your pictures receive. It can be fun to see what other people are doing when traveling and could perhaps inspire you to visit a new destination.
  9. Facebook
    The chances are that you already are well aware of Facebook and have a personal Facebook account. The app allows you to use all the same features as the desktop hermes birkin colors 2016 explorer platinum
    version and is great for when you’re “on the go” and therefore provides a platform for you to talk to friends, family or work colleagues when travelling. You can also share the places that you visit and upload pictures/videos of your favorite moments.
  10. Skyscanner
    If you were looking for an app to compare flights, hotels and rental car prices, this is a perfect app for your needs. Skyscanner assesses all flights going to your desired location and will calculate the cheapest/quickest routes available, before giving you the option to purchase tickets.One key feature is the ability to set price alerts, this means that Skyscanner will notify you if the price of your desired flight changes, so you can see when the prices start to rise/fall