Top 10 European Travel Tips

Traveling to Europe?

Here are 10 travel tips that may help you save money and ensure that you can make the most of your visit.

  1. Transport within Europe
    Many popular European destinations have a good choice of travel links that enable visitors to move around the continent with relative ease. Popular transportation systems include budget airlines and traveling by train, great deals can be found by purchasing tickets in advance to make experiencing Europe on a budget far easier. Public transport within the cities themselves is usually by either a metro system or by bus. In order to get the cheapest rates for these services it can be beneficial to buy set priced travel tickets which usually last for 24 hours and can save you money for the more exciting parts of your trip.
  2. Don’t pay large data roaming fees in Europe
    Cheap prepaid European data SIMs are becoming more popular for travelers due to their ability to dramatically reduce European standard roaming charges. This service allows one SIM card to be used across the continent at a fraction of the price versus roaming, an essential item for anyone looking to use the internet or to call family, friends and colleagues.
  3. Cheap hotels
    Accommodation can be one of the largest costs for anyone looking to travel abroad. Hotels that are situated outside the city center can be a great way to see Europe on a budget. Accompanied by regular public transport services, this is an affordable way to visit the places you love.
  4. European cuisine
    Whether it’s pasta from Italy or freshly made croissants in France, Europe is famed for its many food dishes. These can often differ depending on which region you are staying in, however by speaking to local people or hotel staff you can locate the best places in town. Usually these may be quiet family run restaurants that come without the tourist price tag.
  5. Explore different Cultures
    Europe is very big and very diverse. Don’t expect people in London to act the same or have the same culture as people that live in Greece. Europe has a large variety of cultures and they’re all definitely worth a visit. This is a great way to experience different areas when travelling and to get the most from your trip as you’re likely to try something new.
  6. Embrace technology
    Smartphones have enabled travelers to have an array of information at their fingertips. They are fantastic for storing travel documents, taking photographs and using the internet to find out information in your local area. By reading reviews on sites such as TripAdvisor, you can compare attractions, hotels and restaurants that can help you to make the most of your visit to Europe. Using your smartphone also allows you to connect with people back home and to share your experiences through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  7. Learn the language
    Although many people around the world speak basic English, by making an effort to learn common phrases in the local language, you can fully experience their culture and complete everyday tasks such as ordering a cup of coffee. There is a wide variety of translation apps that are available to download to your mobile or tablet device to help you learn common phrases.
  8. Purchase tickets for European attractions in advance
    Travelling to a large European city? Cities which have many attractions are also likely to have long queues due to large amounts of tourists. In order to beat the queues, tickets can often be bought online at a fraction of the cost and can save you queuing for hours when trying to see top attractions such as the Tower of London, or the Coliseum in Rome.
  9. Be careful with your money
    Europe has many different currencies that are used around the continent so be sure to do your research and have the appropriate currency available. To make sure that you get a fair deal, download the XE currency app for current exchange rates.While European cities are predominantly safe and very welcoming to visitors, many tourists are known for carrying large sums of cash and are therefore a target for pickpockets. In order to reduce this risk, don’t carry large amounts of money in your pockets and be careful with your possessions, especially when near tourist attractions.
  10. Be aware of European time zones
    Due to the size of the European continent, many popular destinations operate in different time zones. This is an important aspect of your trip to research as you don’t want to miss a flight due to mistaking the departure time. If you have a smartphone then this is likely to change automatically, however it is worth checking this feature exists before you travel.
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