5 Must Have Apps for Travel

Here are some travel apps which can help when traveling abroad and make your experience much more carefree and enjoyable.

1.    Just Landed

Just Landed is the perfect app for when you are picking friends or family up from the airport. It can track inbound flights and reminds you when it is time to go to the airport, so you can ensure you will never be late to pick anyone up from the airport again. This app also texts the person you are picking up so they reassured someone will be there to greet them. This is the ultimate app to ensure you will never be late to the airport again. This app costs $0.99 in the app store. Available for iPhone and Android.

2.    Word Lens

Word Lens is a great app if you are not too familiar with the local language. It uses any image taken with the phones camera and translates any text found on the image into English in real time. This app is free and available for Android and iPhone.

3.    Hotel Club

Hotel Club is an application which combines many other sites to make one convenient app; it allows the user to book a hotel in three simple taps. The app shows a map of the hotels nearby or in the relevant area so you can decide which hotel best suits your requirements. This app is very convenient for when you are booking a last minute holiday or if you are short of time by giving a three in one package. Available for Android and iPhone.

4.    Urbanspoon    

Urbanspoon is useful for when you’re hungry and want some food fairly soon! It pinpoints nearby restaurants which all contain reviews so you can find one that is suitable for what you desire. This app is very useful when the surrounding area is unfamiliar to you. Available for iPhone and Android.

5.    Touchnote

Touchnote is the perfect way to stay in contact with your loved ones at home by using your smartphone to create a postcard. It enables you to take a personal photo of the surrounding area which creates the front of the postcard, you can also write a personal message which will be processed and sent as a postcard for only $1.49. This app saves a lot of hassle and saves valuable holiday time. Available for Android and iPhone.

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