Healthy Travel Tips

Here are some travel tips to ensure a healthy and safe trip whilst traveling.

1.    Keeping Hydrated

If you are taking a long haul flight it is essential to drink plenty of fluids in order to keep your body hydrated. This important because the air circulating in the plane is very dry so it is easy to become dehydrated quickly. It is also essential to drink lots of fluids whilst in a hot climate.

2.    Keep Exercising

It is important to keep exercising during longer flights. If you sit still for prolonged periods of time blood clots are more likely to form, this is also known as DVT. It’s rare but by moving and stretching every 2-3 hours you can minimise the risk.

3.    Don’t Over Indulge

Plan your meals so you ensure you avoid overeating. Just because you are on holiday it does not necessarily mean you have to indulgence in excess food. In order to stay healthy, why not opt for lighter meals at regular times during the day?

4.    Keep Exercising

Try and find time during your vacation to exercise especially if you are going on a long trip of 1 week or more. If the climate is hot then early morning or early evening would be the best time to fit in some exercise like a walk or a swim in the sea.

5.    Stay Stress Free

Prepare and organise everything in advance so during your vacation you’ll have less to worry about once you arrive. Try to disconnect as much as you can from responsibilities at home, this will ensure stress levels stay low and you are able to enjoy your holiday.

6.    Make sure you get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is important especially when the time zones change and you are likely to have jetlag. You need to build up enough energy to beat jetlag so you can enjoy the rest of your holiday. Skipping sleep is only going to have negative effects so try to catch up on sleep when you can but do try to sleep at night and not through the day.

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