9 Things you can’t live without when travelling long haul

1.    Smart phone and SIMsmart prepaid sim card

If you are travelling a long distance then it important to save some money on phone bills and purchasing a SIMsmart prepaid sim card is the perfect way to do this. It will also give you one less thing to worry about when travelling a long distance.

2.    First aid kit

This is an important item to carry as you never know what is going to happen. It is always better to be over prepared than under prepared, so this is a must when travelling long distances

3.    Pillow

Take a small pillow with you on the long haul flight to provide a bit more comfort during the flight and it may allow you to get a bit more rest. It will make your travelling experience a good deal better.

4.    Medication

This is probably the most essential item of your luggage if you are reliant on constant medication. It is essential to take over the amount needed just in case because you can’t rely on the location you are travelling to, to have the same medication.

5.    Currency

It is importance to purchase this before you get to the airport because you will find cheaper rates elsewhere than you will in the airport. Also using your bank card abroad could become very costly as you are likely to be charged for every outgoing transaction.

6.    Passport

This is the most obvious item to take with you but it is also so very easily forgotten. Also it is important to look after your passport while abroad because if you lose it, it will cause a lot of unwanted hassle on your travels.

7.    Guide book

A guide book is probably the easiest and most convenient way to find the area’s top attractions and recommendations of where to eat. So it makes exploring a little easier.

8.    Technology items

Take your laptop or any other similar device for some in-flight entertainment and also it could prove to be useful for contacting friend and family back home.

9.    Holiday Insurance

Holiday insurance is important, especially when you are travelling a long distance location. It will not only cover you for any injuries or medical issues

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