Tips to Beat Jet Lag

If you are going on a long haul flight but you are worried about the jet lag, here are some tips to put you at ease. It important to adjust as quickly as you can to your new time zone, otherwise you’ll end up spending too much time sleeping in the day. Make the most of your trip and follow our tips below.

  • Stay hydrated

It is important to drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated before and during the flight. During a long flight it is very easy become dehydrated and being dehydrated can intensify jet lag a considerable amount.

  • Exercise

When on the plane, don’t just sit in the same position for the whole flight as this may cause swelling in your lower legs. Make sure you walk around the cabin and do regular exercises in your seat. This will prevent any discomfort when leaving the plane.

  • Night Flight?

If you’re taking a night flight, try and get some sleep on the plane. Ok that’s not the easiest thing in the world, especially if you’re tall. If you stay awake for an entire night flight you’re going to struggle to catch up on your sleep and without sleeping a lot through the day which will really mess up your body clock.

  • Adapt to your time zone

Try and move your body clock to the local time of your destination. So if it is evening try and have a nap or if it is morning keep yourself active on the flight to stay awake.  When you arrive at your destination, try to stay awake until night time and then sleep at a more natural time. This will get your body clock back on schedule.

  • Change your watch

Set your watch to the new local time while on the plane so you can get adapted and you are not constantly reminded of the time at your previous destination. This will help you adjust to the local time.

  • Explore the city

When you arrive (unless it is night time) go and explore the city/town you have visited so you get some fresh air. This may ease the jetlag symptoms, while keeping your mind occupied on something else.

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